Everyone likes to keep munching crunchy mixed nut chikkis.The delectable combination of nuts under the Sheetal Chefs are outstanding.

Drynuts Chikki


Peanut Chikki is an Indian combination of peanuts and jaggery that arises a craving in everyone to keep crunching.

Peanut Chikki


A special any time delight made of sesame seeds and jaggery fills everyone with energising vigour.

Till Chikki


Soan papdi is a popular Indian dessert.It is usually cube-shaped and has a crispy and flaky texture.

Soan Papdi


A very nutritious and hygienic sweet variety which makes everyone keep on munching.

Kaju Katli


The soft and drooling aromatic ball shaped sweet is one of the most popular sweets of India. It is made of Gram flour , Baking soda, Sugar, Milk , cardamoms ,Ghee etc.

Gulab Jamun


The spongy, aromatic and delicious rasgulla is a craze of the youth. This Bangal speciality is made of milk and sugar.


motichur laddo

Motichur ladoos are made with gram flour, chickpea flour and sugar syrup. The ball shaped variety of sweet is drooling.

Motichur Ladoo

besan laddo

The aromatic and delicious Besan Ladoo is made of gram flour, pure ghee and sugar.It is an inevitable variety of sweets specially during festivals.

Besan Ladoo